Cameroon: PM launches wild polio virus vaccination campaign

Yaoundé, Cameroun (PANA) – The Cameroonian prime minister, Philémon Yang, on Friday launched the fifth round of the nationwide vaccination campaign against the wild polio virus.

Launching the campaign, Yang symbolically administered the vaccines on schoolboys at the school complex of Mfadena in Yaoundé, at the time a similar ceremony was simulteneouly going on at the Mfoundi market.

The campaign became necessary after seven cases of the disease were reported in the country last year.

From 30 May to 1 June, about 4.5 million children under 5 years, already vaccinated or not in about 130 health centres in the country, will each received two oral doses of polio vaccines.

The vaccination teams can be found in vaccination centres and schools and houses in an effort to reach all targeted children.

For effective campaign, the Cameroonian minister of Health and Public Hygiene, André Mama Fouda, has called on parents who cannot go to the vaccination centres to open their doors to the vaccination teams.

The next wild polio virus days are due for June and July.
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