Cameroon: Cameroon to develop framework to tackle problems of widows

Yaoundé, Cameroon (PANA) - Cameroon's Minister of Women's Empowerment and Family, Marie-Thérèse Abena Ondoa, has urged other ministries to be involved in the search for solutions to improve the lives of widows.

Cameroonian widows face difficulties of all kinds, including demand for between 15 and 18 documents to draw their pension.

Cumbersome procedures in the event of foreclosure, conflicts arising from the settlement of pension rights and the sharing of property of spouse are also obstacles facing widows.

Empowering widows by facilitating access to land, health care, education, life free of violence and other inhuman treatments may give them ways to better take care of themselves after the period of mourning, according to the minister, who on Monday chaired the 4th World Widows Day in Yaoundé.

The International Widows Day is therefore an opportunity to act for the realization and recognition of all the rights of widows which have been ignored for a long time.

According to Ms. Abena Ondoa, the themes of the first three years - "Taking stock of the situation of widows in Cameroon" in 2011, "Rights of widows" in 2012 and "Working together to put an end to discriminatory practices and customs against widows" in 2013, have opened discussions on actions to take to improve the situation of widows.

The Minister said the theme of this year: "Promoting and protecting widows: Our collective responsibility" called upon stakeholders to implement a more holistic way to deal with problems of widows.

She called for the implementation of a formal, functional and institutional framework of exchanges for a comprehensive management of the problems facing widows.
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