CPF lays groundwork ahead of Francophonie summit

Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- The Francophonie Permanent Committee (CPF) Tuesday proffered a number of issues for discussions at the ministerial conference and 10th Francophonie Summit of heads of state and government slated for 26-27 November in Ouagadougou, the Burkinabe capital.
Issues to be examined by leaders of the francophone nations include the necessity to deal with peace and security matters, because "the francophone community has been marred by conflicts that undermine the development of its populations," said CPF chairman Filippe Savadogo, who is also Burkina Faso ambassador to France.
CPF, grouping permanent representatives and ambassadors of member states at the International Francophonie Organisation (OIF), also proposed that the heads of state and government discuss the creation of security and peace networks.
The group of ambassadors also urged the leaders of French- speaking nations to examine the implementation of the Bamako Declaration relating to democracy, good governance and human rights.
The CPF called for more involvement in the organisation of fair elections in countries undergoing democratic transition, particularly post-conflict countries such as Haiti, Burundi, DR Congo and Congo (Brazzaville).
On the crisis in the Middle East and Iraq, the diplomats asked their heads of state to join in finding lasting solutions to crises in the region, and reiterated their condemnation of terrorism in all forms.
Concerning socio-economic issues, the diplomats urged the heads of state and government to involve the organisation in the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, poliomyelitis and tuberculosis.
They called for access to anti-retrovirals exploring the decisions of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) allowing the production of generic drugs to treat the ailment.
The heads of state, the CPF suggested, should take decisions to better protect women and children, particularly through the setting up of micro-finance structures.
The group spoke of the need for additional youth-centred projects and efforts to protect the environment, especially endangered species.

23 Novembro 2004 16:35:00

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