CEN-SAD lawyers angered by Prophet Mohamed's cartoons

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The Union of CEN-SAD Jurists has firmly condemned the Danish newspaper "Jyllands Posten" for publishing "odious" cartoons of Prophet Mohamed.
In a statement issued in Tripoli Wednesday, the lawyers said that such cartoons indicated the hostility, attack on religious beliefs, nuisance and encouraged fundamentalism, which humanity has witnessed in recent year.
According to the CEN-SAD jurists, such caetoons also helped to widen the civilisations gap and breach cooperation links and solidarity between peoples.
"These cartoons constitute a violation of professional press ethics, negation of cultural diversity and beliefs in the world and violation of all international charters, declarations and conventions," the statement added.
The Union called for the international community's intervention, particularly the United Nations to punish this racist affront Through legal action in accordance with international charters, declarations and conventions.
The lawyers demanded that Danish authorities should apologise to Muslims and punish the newspaper concerned, as well as the Danish journalist, Viliming Ross.
The Danish "Jyllands Posten" newspaper carried satirical caricatures of Prophet Mohamed, which touched off widespread official and popular protests in Arab and Islamic countries.
Some of these have launched campaigns urging Muslims to boycott Danish products.

02 february 2006 10:19:00

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