CEN-SAD executive Council meets in Tripoli

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The executive Council of the community of the Sahelo-Sah aran states (CEN-SAD), which brings together foreign ministers of member countri e s, started on Monday here in an extraordinary consultative meeting meant to harm o nize their stands in preparation for the 14th African Union (AU) summit holding i n Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this month.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, the CEN-SAD general secretary, Mohamed Al-Mada ni Al-Azhari, said that the meeting was in fulfilment of the agreement by CEN-SA D member countries to always hold consultative meetings prior to any AU or intern a tional conference in a bid to harmonize their stands and unify their viewpoints.
The meeting will tackle a number of issues, including the transformation of the African Union into an Authority, its areas of authority, its future role, defenc e , security and external relations.
Al-Azhari also said the security situation, now worsened in some CEN-SAD mem ber countries, would be discussed at the Libya conference.
CEN-SAD foreign ministers will also examine the implementation of decisions take n at the 13th AU summit on the transformation of the African Union into an Autho r ity, the renewal of the AU Peace and Security Council and the candidacy of CEN-S A D member countries to chair the Authority.

26 january 2010 13:13:00

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