CEN-SAD approves agreement on sea transport

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The eighth ordinary summit of leaders, heads of state and government of the Community of the Sahelian- Saharan States (CEN-SAD) has adopted a draft cooperation agreement on sea transport.
The agreement, adopted here Thursday, is intended to strengthen the free movement of peoples and goods, develop services through policies concerning sea transport, particularly to enhance trade exchanges between CEN-SAD member states.
The agreement also seeks to organise the maritime relations between member countries, co-ordinate their efforts to fight violations of maritime laws, piracy and terrorism, and to ease the movement of goods from landlocked countries in transit at ports of coastal countries.
The agreement will also promote technical cooperation in training, support and data exchanges in maritime affairs, as well as promote economic and trade relations between members.
The agreement also covers maritime security through coordination, cooperation and data exchange between signatories in order to ensure full and efficient implementation of the international charter demands on the security of boats and port services, as well contents of the 1974 international agreement on people's security at sea and amendments related to that charter.
The agreement provides opportunity for cooperation and partnership on the preservation of the sea environment and the fight against pollution.
It encourages CEN-SAD member countries and shipping lines registered on their territories to sign accords between them in order to equip boats for an efficient participation in sea relations between countries.
In addition, the agreement states that in case of a shipwreck of a boat belonging to a member of the contracting parties or to one of its branches, specialised services under that country should provide to the boat the same protection as for boats sailing under its own flag.
In case of a boat accident in territorial waters of a signing party, its cargo is exempt from customs duties on condition that the goods are not sold locally.

02 يونيو 2006 17:16:00

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