CEN-SAD Agriculture Ministers meet in Rabat

Rabat- Morocco (PANA) -- The Sahel-Saharan States Community (CEN-SAD), Agriculture, Water and Environment Ministers began a meeting here Wednesday on the strengthening of cooperation among member States.
Moroccan Agriculture Minister Mohand Laenser, said the two-day session would come out with important recommendations for "improved cooperation and solidarity.
" A similar ministerial meeting was held a year ago in Bamako, Mali.
Set up in February 1998 in Tripoli, CEN-SAD now groups 23 member States, with an estimated population of 436 million, about 48% of Africa's total, and with agriculture employing two-thirds of the population.
The community seeks an economic union, the promotion of trade and harmonisation of educational, scientific and cultural systems.

07 march 2007 19:43:00

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