CAR government to set administration back on rails

Bangui- CAR (PANA) -- As the authorities in Bangui recover from the failed coup of 28 May, Prime Minister Martin Ziguele has affirmed that of priority for the government was a revamping of the administration in the Central African Republic.
With a Public Service dogged by months upon months of unpaid salaries, last month's coup attempt only made a bad situation worse for the Bangui government.
According to Ziguele, several administrative buildings were destroyed and equipment looted.
Furthermore, schools no longer function and the country's economy was virtually crippled.
Efforts at stabilising public finances shall continue, he said, to enable "a resumption of the development process.
" Ziguele expressed disappointment with the international community, which he accused of failing to live up to a promise to help CAR reorganise its military, after the country forged a National Reconciliation Pact signed in 1998.
CAR, the Prime Minister said, was still awaiting funds promised way back May last year.
On the question of ethnic hatred, he refuted a charge from the national human rights league that some judges were being victimised for belonging to the Yakoma ethnic group of Andre Kolingba - the man behind the failed attempt to topple President Ange Felix Patasse.
The Prime Minister said he personally ensured the security of the judges, helping them leave their homes for safer abodes.

29 june 2001 22:11:00

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