Buyoya says he abides by 1 Nov deadline

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Burundi's President Pierre Buyoya has said he would abide by the 1 November deadline for formation of a transitional government in spite of the protracted talks on a ceasefire with rebel groups.
Buyoya, who has just come back from another round of consultation with Burundi's peace facilitator, former South African President Nelson Mandela in Pretoria, said he may have to call on the international community to impose sanctions on the rebel groups.
He said the armed groups opposed to his regime were adamantly refusing to lay down their arms and negotiate a peaceful solution to the political and social crisis in Burundi.
Meanwhile, leaders of the Great lakes region seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis are due to hold their sixteenth summit in October.
According to observers here, the summit would look into obstacles hindering the suspension of fighting and hostilities in Burundi.
"The ceasefire is a vital issue which should be addressed before the Burundi peace accord could be effectively implemented, particularly with regard to establishment of new state institutions", Buyoya emphasised.
"We have had lengthy discussions with Minani and Ndayizeye about the legal texts, the structure of the next transition government and the forces to protect the new institutions", he added.
Jean Minani is president of the Front for Democracy in Burundi, or FRODEBU party of the majority Hutu, but he is currently in exile.
Domitien Ndayizeye is secretary general of the same party and vice-president designate of Burundi's transitional government.
Minani and Ndayizeye were invited to the latest consultations in Pretoria by Mandela.
South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma also took part in the discussions in his capacity as assistant mediator.

20 september 2001 14:56:00

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