Buyoya predicts full-scale war in Burundi

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- President Paul Buyoya has predicted a full-scale war in Burundi, citing massive rebel infiltration, a deadlocked peace process, belligerent declarations, forced war efforts, economic depression and a coup attempt.
In a marathon nationwide television broadcast Monday night, Buyoya said those national vices were sufficient to spark a full- scale war in the country.
He said there was credible information that the Burundian rebellion is getting prepared to intensify the war in the country.
However, he told the nation "we are harnessing the means required to stand it.
" He said a recent report by the NGO International Crisis Group confirmed the influx of some 4,000-rebel troops from DR Congo who have settled in different parts of Burundi in the past two months.
But he observed that the rebels could be fleeing to escape the disarmament of all rebel movements operating in the sub- region as provided in the inter-Congolese peace agreement of Lusaka now being implemented.
Meanwhile, Buyoya has vowed to repel the rebellion while seeking truce, leading to a "comprehensive dialogue".

22 may 2001 20:46:00

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