Bush Administration urged to show commitment against racism

Paris- France (PANA) -- US Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney has called on the Bush Administration to show a commitment to ending racism in America and the world at large.
"I am surprised that President (George W.
) Bush and his Administration do not share this view on the importance of the (World Conference Against Racism) WCAR, but instead have publicly adopted an intransigent if not outwardly hostile view of the entire conference," Mckinney said in a statement.
The UN Conference is taking place 27 August to 7 September in Durban, South Africa.
Mckinney said WCAR was an opportunity for Bush to show a commitment to ending racism.
She was apparently reacting to press reports indicating that the US was threatening to boycott the Conference if Zionism and reparations for slavery were on the agenda.
A State Department official was quoted as saying the US would share a "collective" acknowledgement that slavery was evil, but "not look back".
"Rather than dwelling on reparations, why not look at new and exciting initiatives like MAP (Millennium Africa Recovery Programme)?" the official added.
Mckinney said racism was persisting even in US, and accused Bush of "(refusing) to support hate crimes legislation in Texas".
"I think the Administration's opposition to WCAR is a clear example of their indifference to racism," Mckinney charged.
She said by threatening to boycott the Conference "the cost to Bush's credibility as being a uniter and not a divider would be great".
"The WCAR is something truly special to the world community and surely .
something that our country (US) should give strong support to," Mckinney said.
She predicted that if the Bush Administration fails to provide a serious commitment to WCAR "then he will live to regret it in 2004.

01 august 2001 17:16:00

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