Burundians still apprehensive over foreign forces

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Burundian authorities are currently engaged in a national campaign to explain the progress of the peace process amid growing apprehensions in certain quarters over the proposed deployment of foreign troops to monitor the cease-fire.
During a meeting with President Pierre Buyoya Thursday certain individuals sought to know the nature of peacekeeping in a country where there is no clear frontline between the belligerents.
Buyoya explained that Burundi would not be the first country where peacekeepers would be deployed without the protagonists reaching a cease-fire.
He cited the example of countries like Rwanda where peacekeepers were sent before a cease-fire and currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
At a meeting with businessmen, Maj.
Buyoya said that not more than 200 peacekeepers would be deployed in the country, adding that their mission would only be to monitor the cease-fire and not to intervene between belligerents.
South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana have been contacted to provide these contingents.

17 august 2001 23:19:00

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