Burundians make permanent peace a determination

Banjul- Gambia (PANA) -- Burundi is "resolutely committed to turn the page on the crisis", Burundian minister of External relations and International Cooperation, Antoinette Batumubwira said here Thursday.
"Burundi is stabilised and is resolutely turned towards reconstruction," Batumubwira told PANA on the sidelines of the 9th session of the African Union Executive Council held in Banjul, ahead of the 1-2 July African Union summit.
"The time has now come for stabilisation and, to this effect, we are going to launch the reconciliation phase, which is coming at the right time," she indicated.
She recalled that Burundi has signed several agreements and organised elections after several years of war and internal crisis.
"We also need to know what really happened and turn the page, there is no question of twisting the knife in the wound, we are now ready, people have revealed themselves in their true colours and our sources of conflict have been unmasked.
We can now talk and talking will do us a lot of good," the Burundian Foreign minister insisted.
Commending the efforts made by the African Union to solve the Burundi crisis, Ms Batumubwira stressed that the AU's commitment was very instrumental and appreciated and that her country was ready to contribute to the AU in order to help the organisation calm the other hot spots still burning on the continent.
"The issue in not about interference, but African solidarity always pays in the end", Ms Batumubwira noted, and dismissed claims by those who accuse the AU of interfering in their internal affairs.
On the issue of women's integration in her country's decision- making instances, she mentioned that women only got what they deserved and they can go even further.
After fighting relentlessly on all fronts in order to find a solution to the conflict, women finally understood that their role was not restricted to the family environment, but also in national reconstruction and development, she said.
"Women fought and the ruling party took their competence into consideration to position them.
It's not just for women, but for all available expertise from the different social strata, as contrary to the previous situation, the government also includes Muslims," she observed.
"Today, nobody is excluded and it's what is good for reconciliation to be effective among Burundians", she concluded.
It is recalled that women represent over 30% of the Parliament membership, whose Speaker is also a woman.
They also have a strong representation at the level of the government (30% approximately) and one of the two country's vice-presidents is a female.

30 june 2006 23:45:00

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