Burundian women soldiers learn HIV prevention

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- The Burundian defence ministry recently organised a two-day training seminar to sensitise women army recruits on ways to avoid HIV/AIDS infection.
Burundi has introduced a new regulation, which requires young girls to undergo military training after completing high school.
One of the trainers Dr.
Sophonie Niyondavyi said that it was important to promote awareness about HIV/AIDS among this vulnerable group.
The recruits were briefed about the different modes of HIV transmission and ways of preventing the virus that eventually leads to the incurable disease.
According to the Burundi programme on AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, about 360,000 people are living with the virus in Burundi, 11 percent of whom are urban-based women and 20 percent men.
Between 3.
5 percent and 7.
5 percent of the entire population is estimated to be living with HIV or AIDS.
While the urban prevalence rate has remained stable thanks to intensive awareness campaigns over the past four years, the number of HIV cases has been rising in the countryside due to factors such as survival prostitution by women forced to live in camps for war-displaced people.
Only 300 people living with HIV/AIDS are being treated with the life-prolonging anti-retrovirals

28 april 2001 17:45:00

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