Burundi set for 17 million dollars BADEA aid

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- The Arab Bank for the Development of Africa (BADEA) will likely grant Burundi nearly 17 million US dollars to fund several socio-economic projects provided Bujumbura pays 60,000 dollars in debt arrears owed the bank.
Burundi Agriculture Minister, Salvator Ntihabose, who returned Monday from BADEA's head office in Khartoum, said despite the arrears the bank has signed a provisional agreement aimed at funding projects considered as priority by the government.
Projects earmarked for funding include livestock development and the improvement of the Imbo farmlands (north- west of Burundi) which cost to 6.
2 million dollars in 2002.
A 106-km road through the landlocked regions of central and southern Burundi estimated to cost 10 million dollars in 2003 and a hydro-agricultural project near Bujumbura are also earmarked.
Ntihabose said BADEA has disbursed 450,000 dollars to update feasibility studies of all the projects besides its preparedness to finance a refrigerated terminal at the Bujumbura international airport and the extension of a sugar factory in the country.

08 أغسطس 2001 15:12:00

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