Burundi pupils learn AIDS prevention

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Some 100 pupils from 10 secondary schools in Bujumbura, Wednesday began a three-day training in the Burundi capital, on AIDS prevention and control.
The session was initiated by the Burundi chapter of the Forum of African Educators, to sensitise the pupils on the scope of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country and world-wide.
According to Marie Bwimana, chairperson of the Burundi chapter of the Forum, HIV-AIDS constitutes a serious threat to the country.
She said the most vulnerable sections of society need to be sensitised on the socio-economic dangers of the scourge.
In its latest Human Development Report, the Burundi Planning Ministry said that HIV-AIDS, which currently affects 400,000 of the six million population, will cost between 2.
9 and 3.
9 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2005.
The cost of managing the disease by patients, not including anti-retroviral drugs, is also expected to exceed the total budget of the Health Ministry by that year.
This is apart from losses in productivity through deaths.
The report said the sexually active population (15-49 years), which is the most productive, would be worst hit by HIV-AIDS.
According to official figures, Burundi has 230,000 AIDS orphans.

02 august 2001 09:48:00

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