Burundi prepares 220 million dollar AIDS campaign plan

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Burundi has finalised its five-year plan to combat HIV/AIDS, which requires at least 220 million US dollars, an official source said in Bujumbura Friday.
According to the director of the National Programme for the control of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Dr.
Joseph Wakana, the funds are expected from donors who are expected to meet in Bujumbura in September to discuss modalities for the plan's financing.
Under the plan, adequate quantities of medicines would be made available for the treatment of opportunistic diseases while the number of people treated with antiretrovirals, is expected to rise from 400 to 20,000.
Official statistics place AIDS as the major cause of mortality among adults in Burundi.
The incurable disease killed 40,000 patients in 2000 alone while 70 percent of all the hospital beds are currently occupied by people living with AIDS.
Other estimates indicated that 880,000 people were living with HIV/AIDS by the end of 1999 while 220,000 had developed full blown AIDS.
There were 160,000 orphans during that period while the cost of treating a single hospitalised person living with HIV/AIDS cost the government 240 US dollars per month.

31 august 2001 23:30:00

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