Burundi begins last polio vaccination round

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Burundi on Monday embarked on a vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis aimed at reaching 95 percent of all the children below the age of five.
Health authorities in Bujumbura said that this is the second and last phase of the fifth National Vaccination Days.
According to the interim director of the vaccination programme, Dr Levi Kadende, 89 percent of the target group were touched during the first phase last August.
During the first phase, he said, several teams conducted a "door to door" exercise aimed at vaccinating 1,285,882 Children.
However, many households did not take the children for vaccination.
The country's health minister, Stanislas Ntahobari, had then blamed some local religious sects that preached against the benefits of modern medicine.
Officially launching the vaccination campaign in Bujumbura Monday, Burundi's Vice President, Frederic Bavuginyumvira, strongly warned "trouble makers" not to interfere in the activities which are "highly beneficial for the physical and moral future of the young Burundi citizens".
Bavuginyumvira also urged warring parties in Burundi to observe a truce during the vaccination week from 24-28 September.

24 september 2001 19:38:00

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