Burundi army kills 13 rebels on Lake Tanganyika

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Burundi's army has reportedly killed 13 rebels on Lake Tanganyika, which borders Bujumbura, official sources said Tuesday in the Burundian capital.
The sources said there has been a decrease in traffic between Burundi and the seaports of the sub-region as well as a decrease in fishing activities, which is affecting most riparian families as a result of growing insecurity for several months along the lake.
The bulk of Burundian imports transit through the lake.
A recent attempt by rebels to infiltrate Burundi via Lake Tanganyika was one of the bloodiest attacks reported by the country's media.
In the ensuing battle, rebels using an engine-powered boat were confronted by a navy patrol, which recovered three firearms, according to the Burundian News Agency (ABP).
ABP reported that the "attackers" came from its rear bases in the eastern DR Congo on the shores of the lake.
The rebels were preparing for an attack against Migari, in the Kabezi commune of Bujumbura Province (west), ABP added.
On Sunday evening four people, including Maj.
Timothee Ntijinama, were killed in northern Burundi.
They died when rebels ambushed their three-vehicle convoy.

19 june 2001 13:51:00

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