Burkinabe press focus on Durban conference

Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- The Durban conference on racism, the local extraordinary conference of the African Party for Independence (PAI) and insecurity in Ouagadougou central market were main topics the press in Burkina Faso featured this week.
On the Durban conference, '24 Heures,' which chided Europe and America for hesitating to redress African economies still suffering the effects of slavery, observed that the choice of the continent as venue for the forum was itself symbolic.
On a pessimistic note, another paper, 'JJ' maintained that "the notion of crime against humanity, which has so far been conveniently applied on the World Wars and other atrocities in Eastern Europe, does not appear to cut across to every case in point".
"The deportation of Jews is not comparable to the Slave Trade," the paper lampooned, adding that if anything, the conference in Durban provided Africans with "a forum to say how much they suffered from it".
It said "after the catharsis in Durban, Africa's real challenge would be to create favourable living conditions for its people freed from wars, tortures and dictatorship".
On the home scene '24 Heures' observed that the PAI extraordinary congress held of 1-2 September, provided secretary general Soumane Toure with a chance to show that he was the man in charge.
Picking up the same story, the State-owned Sidwaya reasoned that the disagreement within the PAI might well reflect vitality and dynamism, arguing that it was normal to have several currents run within one and the same party.
Conversely, JJ wondered whether the congress was enough to re-establish the legality, legitimacy and unity of the party.
Concerning security at the Ouagadougou central market, the independent daily, l'Observateur Paalga, observed that the situation was compounded by an anarchical construction of stands and stalls.

07 september 2001 23:30:00

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