Burkina Faso for an empowering of RECs

Banjul- Gambia (PANA) -- Burkinabe minister of foreign affairs and regional cooperation, Yousssouf Ouédraogo, Friday called for greater empowerment of Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to help them better organise and coordinate their activities.
In an interview with PANA on the sidelines of preparation meetings for the African Union whose main theme is "the integration and rationalisation of RECs", Ouédraogo said the Banjul summit must be a watershed in taking on board and empowering the RECs so that they can sort out issues and organise cooperation in such a way that AU actions are enhanced".
"We must find means to strengthen RECs which, supposed to be five at the beginning, but have become more numerous at a given time and that the preparatory meeting, which was held in Ouagadougou in March, decided to limit them to 7", said Ouédraogo.
He said Burkina Faso expected from the summit of Banjul "real rationalisation, which gives RECs a very clear road map and a limpid architecture".
Regarding conflicts, the Burkinabe foreign minister declared that even if their intensity wears off, it is fitting to review what has been done, and to examine avenues for other actions.
"The setting up of conflict management institutions must be completed, and so must development issues too," he emphasised, adding, "Even if we are preoccupied by conflicts, we must also tackle development issues".
"Our permanent wish is to lighten the agendas of these meetings.
Everything appears to be a priority, but one must remember that it is the very same persons who process all the cases," said Ouédraogo.
He suggested that it is better to distribute the work and define clearly institutions with responsibilities at all levels "now that much is being made of rationalisation", he added.

30 june 2006 23:00:00

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