Burkina Faso: ECOWAS to hold national workshop for Burkinabe women on gender, elections

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (PANA) – The Burkinabe capital, Ouagadougou, will on 23 June host a national training workshop for women on gender and elections, according to a communiqué issued here by ECOWAS.

According to the ECOWAS Commission, the workshop aims to promote strong participation of women in the electoral process in the West African sub-region and offer participants serious evaluation systems on gender.

It said that the workshop will also inform civil society organizations and other groups pleading for the female cause in Burkina Faso on the strategy to promote women’s participation in the electoral process and establish a network of women groups on gender and elections within the community erea.

The participants in the workshop are essentially the representatives of women’s organizations engaged in electoral activities, the electoral administration and the Burkina ministry of Female affairs.

The training will look at practical issues with topics offering a large set of activities conceived to transmit participants the main clearly identified understandings and produce specific learning results.

Initiated by the ECOWAS Commission through its gender department, with the support of the Danish international development agency (DANIDA), the training is composed of 24 modules including one devoted to Gender and Elections.

The capacity building workshop focuses on the development of competences and the knowledge of electoral systems on gender and goes beyond the improvement of the deficit in capacities on women’s plea as constitutive group.

Burkina Faso holds presidential and parliamentary elections on 11 October and among the dozen of candidates already announced, no woman is on the list.
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