Brussels: Top Somali pirate jailed 20 years in Belgium

Brussels, Belgium (PANA) – Mohamed Abdi Hassan, alias Afweyne and popularly called "The King of the Somali pirates", was on Monday sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in the Belgian city of Brugges, PANA reported, quoting judicial sources on Tuesday.

Known as Chief of the gang of Somali pirates who in 2009 took hostage, for 70 days in the Indian Ocean, the Belgian vessel, Pompei, with 10 crew members, Mohamed Abdi Hassan was arrested in 2013 at the Zaventem airport of Brussels.

He was driven there by the under-cover Belgian intelligent services who had promised him to record a film on his life as maritime pirate off the Somali coasts.

His accomplice, Mohamed Moalin-Aden, was sentenced to five years imprisonment for diverting vessels.

In another development, the pirate was asked to pay damages of 20,000 Euros to the captain of Pompei vessel and his family.

Pirates captured Pompei in the Indian Ocean on 18 April 2009 as it was sailing to The Seychelles for a contract work for a new port.

Afweyne and his accomplice had accepted to release the vessel and the 10 crew members on board against the payment of a US$ 2 million ransom.
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15 march 2016 14:09:47

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