Brazzaville papers focus on situation in CAR

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Congolese newspapers once again focused on the situation in the Central African Republic following an abortive but bloody coup Attempt for which former President Andre Kolingba has Claimed responsibility.
The Catholic weekly "La Semaine Africaine" writes that "the search (for Kolingba) has led to barbaric acts, looting, rape, killings and the destruction of homes.
" The Brazzaville-published paper notes that "the search has not attained its objectives despite the serious consequences and loss of lives.
" "After Congo-Brazzaville which is now trying to restore peace, the CAR is about to join the list of countries at war, if it has not already done so".
On its part, the state-owned "Nouvelle Republique" deplored the suffering of the civilian population at the hands of the ethnically-divided protagonists in the CAR.
Meanwhile, the pro-opposition paper "L'Observateur" talks of "a genocide crime" in the course of a score- settling operation in Bangui," which might indirectly sweep away Patasse's supporters themselves.
" For L'Observateur, "except for minor differences the CAR, like the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has turned into a centre of diverging interests of great sub-regional and international powers.
" The pro-government "Les Echos" weekly, points out that by claiming responsibility for the attempted coup, "General Andre Kolingba is to blame for the tragedy of his ethnic group, the Yakoma.
" "As an organiser of four mutinies, Kolingba has now become a professional putschist who has proved to be a very mediocre army general," writes the weekly.
But the paper doubts Kolingba would be captured despite the 25 million F CFA reward put on his head.
"A general, even if he is demoted to a second class soldiers, does not get captured as easily as a chicken.
" On this reward, La Semaine Africaine criticises President Patasse for putting such a high price on the Head of his archenemy while failing to pay regular wages to his civil servants.

08 june 2001 23:02:00

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