Botswana NGO calls for refugees’ protection

Gaborone, Botswana (PANA) - Human rights activist group, Ditshwanelo, has challenged the nation to promote and protect the rights of refugees and asylum seekers who are Botswana’s borders.

Alice Mogwe, the group's director, on Wednesday said government, civil society, the private sector and society should take shared responsibility to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers have protection, shelter and a chance to lead productive lives.

“We also urge the Government of Botswana to ensure that our refugee legislation is in conformity with regional and international standards
“An important basis for ensuring this is by reflecting on and implementing our country’s founding principles and values of Unity and Botho,” said Mogwe.

Ditshwanelo has been working on the rights of refugees in Botswana since it started operating in 1993.

Its work includes production of material on the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, sensitisation screenings and discussions about the refugee and asylum seekers’ experience around the world.

“These continue to be testimony to Botswana’s commitment to supporting humanity, for the enjoyment of their human rights and lives rooted in dignity,” said Mogwe.

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