Botswana: New immigration boards to lure investment into Botswana

Gaborone, Botswana (PANA) - Botswana has established Immigrants Sector-Specific Selection Boards (ISSBs) to fasttrack permit issuance to foreign employees.

Edwin Batshu, minister of Nationality Immigration and Gender Affairs, on Wednesday said he has identified priority sectors that can drive the economy of the country and made deliberate efforts to attract investment in those areas.

“The ISSBs have been established by law, under the Immigration Act, to consider applications for work and residence permits in respect of foreigners who want to come and work and/or reside in Botswana.

The boards have among their membership; specialists in the specific areas; who are better informed about these sectors,” said Batshu.

He said the boards’ knowledge of the sectors will help them objectively assess the applications and help create employment for Batswana.

The establishment of the Immigrants Sector-Specific Selection Boards follows the persistent complaints about delays in the issuance of permits as well as the alleged high rates of rejection.

Batshu said the ISSBs should consider security, non-availability of suitable skills in the market, authenticity of information and documents supplied, character of the applicant, commitment to implement localisation plans, proof of investment capital and proof of employment.

He also implored the boards to be objective in their assessment of applications.

The identified sectors under the boards include business and financial, agriculture and agro processing and information & communications technology, mining and mineral beneficiation, energy and construction, tourism, health and education and miscellaneous, which covers other areas.

Botswana’s strict immigration laws were forcing international companies to halt or downsize operations and expatriate employees to shun the country.
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