Botswana: Govt moves to support gender equality

Gaborone, Botswana (PANA) - Botswana’s minister of labour and home affairs, Edwin Batshu, on Thursday announced that government is committed to gender equality.

Speaking at the commemoration of the International Men’s Day, Batshu said government recently adopted the National Policy on Gender and Development, as part of its commitment.

According to Batshu, the policy is hinged on gender main-streaming as a strategy for achieving gender equality and equity.

“The policy amongst others prioritises gender main-streaming as a key strategy for the achievement of gender equality,” said Batshu.

The minister further said government has developed targeted interventions to support men including review of laws to repeal those that discriminate against men and boys.

Botswana celebrated this year’s International Men’s Day under the localised theme - "Working Together for Men and Boys".

The minister said the theme challenges the nation to join efforts in supporting men and boys and to harness their invaluable contribution to development.

“By so doing, we would also be placing high responsibility on them to be active players in addressing various societal challenges that Botswana is currently facing.

"One of the greatest challenges we currently face is absent fathers,” Batshu said.
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