Botswana: Fake social media news syndrome hits Botswana

Gaborone, Botswana (PANA) - Botswana has condemned fake social media accounts using the country’s coat of arms without official authorisation.

Dr. Jeff Ramsay, government spokesperson, on Thursday said the Presidency was worried by the upsurge of fake government social media.

“We therefore encourage members of the public to validate any questionable shared messages allegedly from Government,” Dr Ramsay said.

Dr Ramsay warned the perpetrators that laws against false pretence, misrepresentation and libel applied to online activities.

He further said the non-official publication using the Coat of Arms of the Republic without official authorisation was also criminal offence under the laws of Botswana.

“We reserve the right, without fear or favour, to take robust legal action against any individual or institution found to be deliberately misrepresenting themselves and their messages as official government of Botswana communications,” Dr. Ramsay said.

Meanwhile the country’s defence minister is developing key security related legislation and policies which it intends to submit to Parliament during 2017/18 financial year, among them amendment of the Cybercrime Act.
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20 april 2017 10:10:49

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