Bongo wants African economy linked with global system

Libreville- Gabon (PANA) -- Gabonese President Omar Bongo called for the integration of the African economy into the global system as he addressed the closing ceremony of the Tokyo International Conference for Africa's Development (TICAD III), an official source said here Thursday.
"Overseas Development Aid (ODA) estimated at 0.
5 percent of GDP in the early 1960s is currently 0.
22, while the income of developed countries has reached record level," Bongo cited Wednesday in Tokyo where he led a Gabonese delegation.
In a speech on behalf of his colleagues, President Bongo re- emphasised that "Africans have undertaken in-depth reforms to improve governance, the business environment, institute democracy and stability, lay the foundations of a genuine regional integration through the African Union and NEPAD.
"   "Africa has a natural and human potential which represents a major advantage in efforts to build partnership with Japan, Asian countries and the rest of the world.
TICAD will give new impetus to our relations of cooperation in order to create a community of mutually beneficial interest," Bongo added.
He later disclosed that UNDP, the UN, World Bank and the Global Coalition for Africa (GCA) were pursuing ways to further extend the TICAD partnership.
This TICAD III session reminded everyone that "the solution of Africa's problems is indispensable for the stability of the entire world.

02 octobre 2003 10:55:00

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