Bill underway to protect HIV/AIDS sufferers in Liberia

Monrovia- Liberia (PANA) -- The Liberian senate is debating a bill, already passe d by the lower chamber -- the House of Representatives -- seeking to protect peo p le living with HIV/AIDS in the country.
Montserrado county representative, Alomezi Ennos Barr, who proposed the document , told PANA Friday that the bill, passed by the House last Tuesday, "seeks to pr o tect HIV/AIDS carriers against discrimination at workplaces as well as public pl a ces.
" "The passage of the law is appropriate as it will eliminate the increasing discr imination against people living with HIV/AIDS in Liberia," she said, adding that violators would be fined US$ 1,000 imposed by the ministry of health and social w elfare.
Barr also said the new law, if also passed by the Senate, "calls for protection at schools and equal access at medical facilities for patients suffering from th e pandemic".
According to the bill, "no person, agency, organisation or corporate body shall deprive any person living with the AIDS virus of education, health and other rel a ted services and employment opportunities.
" Health authorities still report an overall infection rate of less than 3 per cen t among a population of slightly over 3.
5 million.

05 september 2008 19:11:00

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