Beninese minister Rafiatou Karimou quits her party

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- Benin's minister of primary and secondary education, Rafiatou Karimou, has resigned from the African Movement for Democracy and Progress (MADEP), allegedly because the party has failed to enable her meet her ambitions.
In a letter to the party's chairman, businessman Séfou Fagbohoun, a copy of which was issued to PANA in Cotonou Thursday, Mrs Karimou cited a number of reasons to justify her decision to stop being a member of the party.
"Convinced since my early childhood that nothing was more important than fighting alongside disadvantaged and wretched people, I have for a long time thought that with MADEP we will one day come to power and that we will govern Benin in a transparent and peaceful manner to the pleasure of our compatriots and pride of all those who like our country in Africa and the world," reads part of her letter.
"I have no option but to resign because of the disappointment I personally experienced in the party over the past few years," the minister added.
Rafiatou Karimou (60) was elected to the National Assembly in the parliamentary elections of March 1999 and re-elected in March 2003 on the MADEP ticket.
President Mathieu Kérékou appointed her to the cabinet in June 2003.

26 january 2006 21:35:00

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