Benin women involved in HIV/AIDS control

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- Fifty women undertook a daylong workshop Thursday to discuss ways through which they could help reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence in the country.
Organised by the Benin chapter of African Association of Women Against AIDS and the health ministry, the workshop was held in Akassato, 25 km from Cotonou, on the theme: "Women's Role and the situation of AIDS in Benin.
" The first HIV/AIDS case was reported in 1985.
The disease has since killed 37,254 people, the sources said.
There are 40,967 people living with HIV/AIDS in Benin, 16,071 of children.
Figures from the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) showed that AIDS victims are mostly youths and women.
Over 4,675 young boys and girls were infected between 1985 and 2000, out of a total of 40,967 cases.
Medical sources said the prevalence rate in schools is between 0.
3 percent and 0.
8 percent.
In rural areas, the prevalence rate varies between 8 percent in the central district of Zou and 13 percent in the south-western district of Mono bordering Togo.
They added that 50 people are infected with HIV every day in Benin.
According to forecast confirmed by the health ministry, the prevalence rate, currently at four percent, will reach 10 percent in 2025 if the epidemic is not contained.

20 july 2001 15:59:00

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