Benin to spend more than 15 billion FCFA for AIDS control this year

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) – Benin has allocated more t-han 15 billion FCFA for AIDS control in 2009, up from 11 billion FCFA in 2008, according to a report on the assessment of resources and expenses on AIDS.
The report said Benin also devoted more funds in 2008-2009 for anti-retroviral therapy in terms of care and treatment.
This component, which cost 1.
95 billion FCFA, or 43.
92 per cent of expenses on treatment in 2008, went down in 2009 to 1.
625 billion FCFA, or 35.
04 per cent.
From 1.
129 billion FCFA, or 9.
73 per cent of the overall amount of expenses in 2008, expenses on interventions targeting the youths went down to 911.
445 million FCFA, or 5.
93 per cent in 2009.
The same goes for expenses devoted to lorry drivers which went down to 339.
311 million FCFA in 2008, or 2.
92 per cent of total expenses, to 275.
965 million FCFA in 2009, or 1.
79 per cent.
Regarding commercial sex workers and their clients, only 0.
62 per cent of the overall amount of expenses was allocated to interventions in their favour.
In 2008, 38 per cent of resources was allocated to care and treatment interventions, 28.
84 per cent to the management and administration of programmes, 25.
57 per cent to the prevention programme and only 1.
98 per cent to orphan and vulnerable children, the report says.
In Benin, the fight against STDs/AIDS is finalised by three sources: public funds, private funds and external funds.
Public expenditure has markedly increased from 16.
4 per cent in 2008 to 39.
36 per cent in 2009 while private expenses recorded a drop from 17.
71 per cent in 2008 to 12.
96 per cent in 2009.
External funding amounted to 7.
651 billion FCFA in 2008 as against 7.
333 billion FCFA in 2009.
The national assessment of resources and expenses relative to AIDS, which started in 2006-2007, is aimed at controlling financial flows related to the national response to the epidemic.
It makes it possible to oversee financial transactions from their origin to their final destination.

29 april 2010 21:52:00

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