Below 50 percent vaccination coverage troubles Congolese minister

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Congolese Health and Population Minister Alain Moka has said the current vaccination coverage of less than 50 percent represented a failure for the health sector of the country, Radio Congo reported Wednesday.
"It's (low vaccination rate) a total failure in a country that boasts of many doctors and skilled personnel," Moka said Tuesday while receiving UNICEF-donated supplies intended to boost Congo's vaccination programme.
The donation comprised 500 bicycles, 80 motorcycles and freezers to store vaccines.
Moka thanked UNICEF for the donation and assured it would be used to enhance the country's Expanded Immunisation Programme (EIP).
Congo's vaccination coverage once stood at 80 percent, but drastically dropped due to recurrent wars in the country.
As part of the EIP, UNICEF has trained 55 health managers at the central level in Brazzaville, in the Pool (south) and the Sangha and Likouala (north) regions.
The training would be extended to the other districts.

23 july 2003 17:58:00

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