Belgium: US envoy says Ebola will be eradicated

Brussels, Belgium (PANA) – After visiting the West African countries hit by the deadly Ebola virus disease, the US ambassador to the UN and special envoy of President Barack Obama, Mrs Samantha Power, said she is optimistic about the possibility of eradicating the Ebola disease.

At a news conference on Thursday in Brussels, where she made a stopover, Mrs Power said she noted the strong signs that the virus will be eradicated, focusing on what she saw when she visited Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

"The efforts made by the international community and local authorities have started to show positive results and save lives," she said.

She said that in Monrovia, the hospital of Médecins sans frontières (MSF) now had enough beds to accommodate Ebola patients.

According to WHO, in West Africa, the Ebola epidemic has affected at least 10,000 people and killed 4,922.
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31 october 2014 11:27:19

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