Belgium: EU releases 450 million euros for fight against Ebola

Brussels, Belgium (PANA) – The European Union has released an extra aid of 450 million euros to fight the deadly Ebola virus disease in the three worst affected countries in West Africa -- Liberia, Sierra, Leone and Guinea.

In a press statement issued Friday in Brussels, Belgium, the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Management of Crises, Christos Stylliades said that the state of emergency will not be lifted unless Ebola is fully eradicated.

“We should maintain the state of alert up to Ebola zero level,” he said, explaining that the from the EU's allocation  171.4 million euros would go to Sierra Leone, 21 million euros for Liberia and 148 million euros for Guinea while a common fund of 8 million euros would finance multi-country projects.

According to EU officials, the common fund should help those countries on long-term development, particularly in the areas of health, agriculture, infrastructure, education, public hygiene, macro-economic stability and transport.

The statement added that the EU assistance added to an overall 869 million euros provided by the EU to fight Ebola.

Release of the funds was announced Friday in New York at a high-level conference that has brought together the heads of state of countries most affected by the Ebola disease  and representatives of the international community.

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