Belgium: EU extends mission of EUCAP in Sahel Niger

Brussels, Belgium (PANA) – The European Council (EC) on Monday announced extension of the mandate of EUCAP (European External Action Service) Sahel Niger until 15 July 2018 and agreed on a budget of €26.3 million for the period 16 July 2016 to 15 July 2017.

In a press release made available to PANA, in Brussels, the Council said it has also adapted the mission's mandate to assist the Nigerien central and local authorities as well as the security forces in developing policies, techniques and procedures to better control and fight irregular migration.

This adaptation follows the establishment of a permanent presence in the desert region of Agadez in central Niger, the EC stated.

Niger is facing security threats including terrorism, illegal trafficking of drugs, weapons and people, in particular in Northern Agadez, and is also a major regional transit hub for irregular migration.

In October 2015, the Council doubled the mission's budget for the year to allow for a reinforcement of the operation to combine enhanced engagement in Niamey with a permanent presence in Agadez.

“This presence is key to supporting the Nigerien authorities in border and migration management as well as in the fight against terrorism and organised crime,” the Council stated.

EUCAP Sahel Niger was launched in 2012 to support capacity building of the Nigerien security actors. The mission provides advice and training to support the Nigerien authorities in strengthening their security capabilities.

It contributes to the development of an integrated, coherent, sustainable and human rights-based approach among the various Nigerien security agencies in the fight against terrorism and organised crime.

Since Europe has numerous interests in the region, ranging from combating security threats, terrorism, organised crime and illegal migration to assuring energy security, EUCAP has a prominent place in European Union policy.
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