Belgium: Belgium ferries mobile laboratory to help fight Ebola in Guinea

Brussels, Belgium (PANA) – Belgium will send a mobile laboratory to Guinea to help the country fight the deadly Ebola virus disease, which has already killed 6,500 people in West Africa since the epidemic broke out, official sources here said.

In a press statement Tuesday, the Belgian Foreign Affairs ministry said that the laboratory will be accompanied by a Belgian First Aid and Support Team (B-Fast), a quick intervention body deployed worldwide in case of emergency humanitarian need.

Designed with the help of the Catholic University of Louvain and the European Space Agency, the laboratory, with its communication facility, can be used to test blood samples in far-off  Ebola affected zones, the ministry said.

The unit will be transported by the European Commission to Nzerékoré in Guinéa.

The Belgian government has mobilized Euros 1.5 million for that B-Fast operation for a one-month period which is renewable.

So far Belgium has already released Euros 35 million for multilateral aid organizations involved in the fight against Ebola in the affected West African countries.

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