Bashir calls for adoption of culture of peace in Africa

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir has expressed concern over conflicts among the Mano River Union states, comprising Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and urged African leaders to step up efforts toward resolving them.
He lamented that the conflict has resulted in massive loss of lives and a wide-range humanitarian crisis affecting tens of thousands of people.
According to the Sudan News Agency, Bashir made the appeal in a closing address at the extraordinary summit of the African Mechanism for Conflicts' Solution, which ended Saturday in Khartoum.
He praised the outstanding role of the Economic Community of West Africa for pursuing dialogue to solve conflicts in the subregion, saying the move can boost mutual confidence and alleviate the current tension prevailing among the three neighbouring states.
Bashir, who chairs the Sahel and Sahara Community and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, commended the current efforts toward ending disputes and conflicts in Africa, and called for coordination among the OAU, subregional and international organizations toward adopting a culture of peace that abandons violence and war in Africa.
He also praised efforts by African countries and organizations to solve the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, saying that the stability in Congo will have a positive impact on the stability and security situation in Sudan.
Bashir later called on the disputing factions in Burundi to abide by the Arusha peace agreement and end the suffering of the Burundian people.

20 may 2001 13:29:00

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