Ban seeks more commitments to HIV/AIDS battle

New York- US (PANA) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned that economic crisis should not be an excuse for UN member states to abandon commitment to the fight against HIV and AIDS, but should rather be ''an impetus'' to make the right investments that will yield be nefits for generations to come.
Speaking at a special session of the UN General Assembly, convened Tuesday to as sess progress in the response to the global epidemic, Ban said a vigorous and effective response to t he AIDS epidemic was integrally linked to meeting global commitments to reduce poverty, prevent h unger, lower childhood mortality and protect the health and well being of women.
``But to achieve the goal of universal access, barriers to progress need to be o vercome.
Not just in battling the disease, but also in confronting obstacles that society puts in the way,'' he sa id.
The UN chief noted that the fight against AIDS also required attacking ``disease s of the human spirit, which are prejudice, discrimination, stigma''.
He called on all governments to review their legal frameworks to ensure complian ce with the human rights principles on which a sound AIDS response is based, adding: This is not solely a medical or scientific challenge.
It is a moral challenge, too.

17 june 2009 06:42:00

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