Bagre dam project to boost agriculture in Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- Burkina Faso could achieve self sufficiency in food production within ten years through the proper utilisation of 1,500 hectares in the hydro- agricultural dam in Bagre, east of Ouagadougou.
Officials describe the 20.
5 billion francs CFA for the agricultural component of the hydro-agricultural dam in Bagre, 200 km east of Ouagadougou, and the Kompienga dam as a major move to solve Burkina Faso's energy and food problems.
Hopes were raised after the government signed loan agreements last October with donors, that Burkina Faso will achieve food self-sufficiency in five to ten years.
Developing the 1,500 hectares will start in 2002 with the cooperation of development partners like the Kuwaiti Development Fund, which is the leading donor that provided 27.
80 percent of the project's total cost.
Other donors include the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) that put in 24.
19 percent, the OPEC Fund which chipped in 18.
82 percent, as well as the Ouagadougou government and Burkinabe producers providing a total of 5.
16 percent.
The development of the 1,500 hectares of agricultural land irrigated from the dam should produce 30,500 tonnes of rice, vegetables, fruits and fodder as well as 360,000 litres of milk yearly from cows bred there, one project officer predicted.
With a total cost of 48.
8 billion francs, the third phase of the agricultural component, covering 2,200 hectares, will complete efforts for food self-sufficiency and food security in the country.
Burkina Faso, which heavily relies on energy imports, will reduce its dependency when the project is completed and starts producing energy.

02 january 2002 21:50:00

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