BADEA grants US$38.5m to 5 African countries

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The Arab Bank for the Economic Development of Africa (BA DEA) has granted US$38.
5 million to Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal and Swazila n d, for different social projects, according to a statement issued by the bank here.
Ten million dollars have been granted to Ethiopia as BADEA's contribution to the extension of the national road linking the western region (Oromiya) to the other regions of the country, includ ing the capital.
Ten million dollars have also been granted to Senegal for the extension of an ag ricultural perimeter in Senegal River valley in the north of the country.
The statement did not give the details of the grants to Uganda, Kenya and Swazil and.

13 Maio 2009 13:18:00

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