BADEA approves US$68 million for 22 projects in Africa

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The Board of directors of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, BADEA, has approved US$68.
4 million for 22 projects in African countries, the Bank said in a statement Sunday.
The statement, following the board's 21-23 March meeting in Algeria, said US$65.
9 million were loans for nine projects and US$2.
5 million as technical assistance for 13 operations.
The meeting attended by the board chairman Ahmed Abdallah Al-Akeil, and the Bank's General Manager Abdelaziz Khelef, discussed the Managing Director's report on the Bank's activities for January-March 2007, financial reports on the fourth-quarter of 2006 and the audit report for the same year.
The board also discussed the BADEA's 2006 annual report, and preparations for its Council's meeting planned for April.

25 مارس 2007 18:48:00

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