BADEA, Sierra Leone sign deal to develop energy

Freetown Sierra Leone (PANA) -- The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) and the Sierra Leone government on Thursday signed an agreement to co-finance the country's US$9 million Western Area Power Generation Project.
Deputy Finance Minister Joseph Kallon explained that the goal of the Western Area Power Generation Project is to build 50-MW thermal plants in sub-power stations to supplement the yet to be completed Bumbuna Hydro Electric Power Project.
Kallon said the agreement will cover the first phase of the project, which will provide a 7.
5-MW sub- station at Blackhall Road that will supply power to the east end of the capital Freetown.
According to the deal, BADEA will provide $8 million, while the government will come up with the balance.
BADEA Director-General Medhat Sami Lofty said the bank had also agreed to finance the reconstruction of the Kenema-Koindu Road in early 2006.
The bank has funded the Njala University College rehabilitation project and the reconstruction of the Mount Aureol hillside by-pass road.
BADEA also financed the just completed Kent-Tokeh road project, while research facilities at the famous Fourah Bay College, the Northern Kabala Waterworks project and the Kenema Eastern Hospital are some of the projects the bank has agreed to finance.

11 أغسطس 2005 09:54:00

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