BADEA, Guinea to strengthen cooperation

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- Guinea and the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Afr ica (BADEA) have pledged to strengthen the existing cooperation between them, ac c ording to a statement issued by the bank.
The pledge was made on Wednesday, when Guinea's Minister for Public Works, Mr.
M amady Khallo, visited the bank's headquarters in Khartoum, Sudan, and met with i t s Director-General, Mr.
Abdelaziz Khelef.
Discussions between the two centred on current joint activities and future coope ration between Guinea and BADEA in the infrastructural sector, as well as ways to promote such cooperation.
By the end of March 2009, BADEA’s assistance to the Republic of Guinea was US$15 6.
083 million covering 38 development projects and technical assistance operatio n s.

09 april 2009 08:08:00

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