Azali names new cabinet in Comoros

Moroni- Comoros (PANA) -- Union of Comoros President Azali Assoumani, has announced a new 14-member cabinet.
Unlike the outgoing all-male team, the new cabinet has two women including a Senior Minister Rehema Boinali for Planning, Territorial Development, Energy and Urban Management, and Sitti Binti Maoudjoudi named Secretary of State for Administrative Reform.
The government has five other newcomers including Ali Abdallah, Secretary State for Communication and Decentralisation.
Aboudou Soefo comes in as Senior Minister of External Relations, Cooperation and Francophonie.
Soefo, Secretary General of the Convention for Renewal (CRC), Azali's party, was Director General of the Comoran Energy Company.
Oubeidi Mzé Chei, leaves the post of Customs Director to become Senior Minister for Finance and Budget, replacing Ahamadi Abdoulbastoi.
Badaoui Mohamed Chatur, an Azali presidential aide, was appointed Senior Minister of Transport, Tourism, Posts and Telecommunications.
The Education, Higher Learning and Research portfolio goes to Laïddine Ahamadi, while the outgoing Minister Mohamed Iliassa becomes Secretary of State for Cooperation.
Maoulana Charif is unchanged as Economy, Foreign Trade, Industrial Promotion and Employment Minister, while Mohamed Abdoulhamid retains the Rural Development, Environment, Fishery and Arts and Crafts portfolio.
It would appear that talks between Azali and leaders of the other islands to form a government of national unity failed to bear because all the ministers in the new cabinet are from Azali's CRC party.
Mohamed Bacar and Said Mohamed Fazul are Presidents of the Anjouan and Moheli Islands respectively.
Following is the full cabinet list announced Tuesday: - Azali Assoumani: President of the Union of the Comoros, - Caabi Elyachroutu Mohamed: Vice-President in charge of the ministry of solidarity, health, population, women's condition, labour and administrative reform, - Ben Massoundi Rachid: Vice-President in charge of the ministry of justice, Islamic affairs and human rights.
Senior Ministers: - Aboudou Soefo: External relations, co-operation, Francophonie, in charge of Comorans abroad, - Abdou Madi Mari: Defence, National Security, Communication, and Decentralisation Minister in charge of relations with assemblies, - Oubeidi Mzé Chei: Finance and Budget, - Maoulana Charif: Economy, External Trade, Industrial promotion and employment, - Mohamed Chatur: Transport, Tourism, Posts and Telecommunications, - Mohamed Abdoulhamid: Rural Development, Environment, Energy, Fisheries and Handicrafts, - Rehema Boinali: Planning, Energy and Town Planning, - Laïddine Ahamadi: National Education, Higher Education and Research.
Ministers of State: - Yahaya Mohamed Iliassa: Cooperation, in charge of the Arabo- Islamic world, under External relations, cooperation, Francophonie in charge of Comorans abroad, - Sitti Binti Maoudjoudi: Administrative reform under the Vice-President in charge of the ministry of solidarity, health, population, women's condition , labour and administrative reform, - Ali Abdallah Ahamadi: Communication and decentralisation under the Senior Defence, national security, communication and decentralisation ministry in charge of relations with Legislative Assemblies.

05 juillet 2005 18:51:00

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