Authorities post Kritzinger's sentence as warning to racists

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The sentencing last Friday of Pretoria bus shooter De Wet Kritzinger serves as a warning for all racists, South Africa's Justice Ministry affirmed Monday.
"The sentence will send a strong message to those who are still holding to the past, those with racist attitudes, that the criminal justice system will not tolerate their acts," Justice ministry spokesperson Paul Setsetse said.
The Pretoria High Court last Friday sentenced Kritzinger to three life sentences for killing three black people in a racial attack three years ago.
Kritzinger received an additional 40 years for the attempted murder of four other people wounded in the assault, which occurred on a bus in the city.
Bus driver Mduduzi Graeme Nyembe and passengers Thembekile Constance Phasha and Gogo Connie Mathebula were killed in the attack.
Earlier, Kritzinger told the court he did not believe it was wrong to kill black people because he did not regard them as human beings.
He said his actions were in keeping with a promise he had made to God.
"Those who sympathise with him, who continue to support him clearly demonstrated their racist attitude and the fact that despite the efforts of this government in reaching an amicable solution [through] amnesty and reconciliation, they did not change," Setsetse added.

05 may 2003 13:48:00

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