Authorities in Bujumbura say war in Burundi is serious

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- While expecting ambassadors from the UN Security Council in Bujumbura Thursday, authorities in Burundi Wednesday urged the UN to consider the serious nature of the civil war situation in the country.
The mission would arrive in Bujumbura in continuation of work visits to the countries involved in the DR Congo conflict.
The delegation will assess the linkage between the resolution of the Congolese conflict and the subsequent intensification and regionalisation of the Burundian crisis.
The government of President Paul Buyoya the UN to take relevant measures in order to examine the logic of war and the cross-border terrorism practised by rebel groups operating in the Region of the Great Lakes.
The government, political parties and armed movements which regarded as the most important ones in the search for a cease- fire, are presently conducting peace talks in Italy under the auspices of the Italian religious centre of "Saint Egidio".
The discussions involve the main rebel movement, the CDD, the ruling UPRONA party, and the PARENA, former President Jean Batiste Bagaza's party.

23 may 2001 23:39:00

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