Austria: UNIDO, Japan promote adaptation technologies for developing cleaner, climate resilient industry in Africa

Vienna, Austria (PANA) - With the support of its Investment and technology promotion office (ITPO) in Tokyo, Japan, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has arranged a study tour for African food processing industry representatives to demonstrate to them adaptation technologies for better climate resilience and low-carbon growth.

The study tour was the final phase of a UNIDO project funded by Japan to promote low-carbon industrial growth and climate-resilient development in four African countries.

The project is achieving this by applying Green Industry (GI) policy instruments and Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) practices and techniques, according to a UNIDO press statement, released here Thursday.

"The low carbon industrial development project in Africa is the first initiative where UNIDO has tackled the adaptation of industry to climate change for sustainable growth. With UNIDO’s support, the selected companies will benefit from low carbon and climate resilient technologies transferred from Japan to Africa,” said Smail Alhilali, UNIDO project manager.

The technology needs of project beneficiaries include industrial refrigeration systems using natural refrigerants, biomass waste valorization; efficient drying systems, and water efficient washing and cleaning systems, etc.

During their visit to Tokyo last month, 12 representatives of National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs) and candidate companies from Egypt, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa sought business partnerships with Japanese companies. They held meetings with potential suppliers and visited the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition (FOOMA) at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition centre.

Each participant had several meetings with potential partners organized by the ITPO in Tokyo. The participants started negotiations with Japanese suppliers, which will conclude before the regional adaptation technology workshop that will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, in October.

In recent years, Japanese companies show growing interest in developing business in Africa. Potent African markets are becoming attractive as a result of joint efforts of the Government of Japan and its African counterparts. The Tokyo International Conference of African Development (TICAD) is an example of such efforts. The most recent TICAD conference was held in Nairobi in August 2016.
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