At least two killed in communal clashes in Accra

Accra- Ghana (PANA) - â" At least two men were killed on Tuesday in bloody clashe s between two feuding groups at a sprawling slum in Accra inhabited mainly by pe o ple from northern Ghana, police said.
Three others were seriously wounded and have been rushed to the Police Hospital in the Ghanaian capital, police added.
Scores of policemen have been rushed to the slum at the Konkomba Market after th e clashes started in the afternoon.
No arrests have so have been announced.
Eyewitnesses said machetes were used in the clashes and police are combing the s lum for suspects.
Police said investigations had commenced into the clashes, but eyewitnesses said they were linked to a protracted chieftaincy dispute in the Dagbon traditional a rea in the Northern Region in which the paramount chief Ya Naa Yakubu Andani was murdered in 2002.
There have been sporadic bloody clashes between the two sides at the slum for se veral years.

25 august 2009 21:22:00

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